Forgetting to remember

I have been given the phrase “forget to remember” many times, and it has always been a helpful pointer. I was given it again several days ago with a sort of tap on the shoulder to write about it, and then again today.

I’m sharing this part of the process because I sense others out there who are toggling over into inspiration, leaving effort behind. When I am given a “seed concept” like this, it contains everything necessary for the full expression of it.

The message in here for me is that any inspired idea also contains all the steps, ways and means for carrying it out. I just have to be willing to allow it unfold. To unroll, like a carpet.

Forget to remember.

When we give you these words, we are suggesting to you a trash day. Put it all out on the curb. Imagine for a moment all the patterns to which you have been clinging for a sense of identity and safety, for a means of identifying and judging what you perceive to be other within your earth drama experience. Look at the entire structure you have willingly attached to as you chose to travel through a time experience.

What if you forgot to remember all that tomorrow?

This is a fun game when you remember to play it. Think of all the things it has ever been hard for you to remember. Think of how difficult it is for you to piece together memories sometimes when you are reaching back for them.

You would like it if you made the very wonderful mistake for forgetting to remember all of those fear structures, all of the ways you see inspiration approaching you and quickly cloak that impulse in fear and struggle.

It’s only a fun little trick that bypasses this idea that you poor humans (only a chosen identity) must struggle to become worthy of seeing through the fear glasses you chose for your experience here. You’re all automatically worthy already. Fully. Guaranteed. Without exception. It’s quite simply who you are and can never be lost, no matter how many layers of gift wrap you use to obscure it.

Remembering, re-membering–it’s putting perceived pieces together again (and again and again), always in this now moment, and attributing a specific meaning to a particular arrangement of the pieces. What if you just plain forgot to do that again and again and again each day? Oops. A very happy accident. What would come into that space?

What comes into that space when you forget to remember past thought patterns based on fear and contraction into separate identity? Have fun finding out.

Remember the game aspect of it lest you take yourself or others too seriously. This guy understands. 😊

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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