Clearing our shared space

If you follow this blog, you may see a veritable flood of posts coming through. I keep writing down seed ideas and not expanding on them. Today, though, the way seems to be clear to write and write and write.

Awareness is. It’s the base. The foundation. It’s always there and connects all of us.

The extent to which you experience awareness (peace, love, truth, freedom, knowingness) throughout your day depends upon who or what you think you are in each moment. What arises and comes into that space?

Keep noticing that.

What do you keep accepting and inviting to make a home within the spaciousness that is what you are? What are you holding onto intentionally? What seems to keep you safe? What seems to keep you and others around you controlled?

Curiosity is very helpful here. Look at the structure of how you put together a self moment by moment. What beliefs do you take for granted about yourself? About others? In looking at the structures you have built, in looking at what you hold onto moment by moment, you create an opening.

It’s an opening through the false self and into form.

Imagine building a GIANT WALL. (Thanks to Donald Trump for that image.) This wall you take to be yourself. You have built this wall within a world of conflict, so you think you need it in order to interact successfully with those you call others.

If you are curious about this wall,  if you are looking at it and looking at it, questioning the beliefs to which you have clung throughout a lifetime…


Do you know how hoarders set people off? The absolute agony people feel when they see an extreme example of hoarding? The strong desire to bring space and order into a place that is amazingly clogged and disorganized?

Get down on your knees right now and thank the hoarders. We owe people our thanks in so many ways, and this is one. They are enacting, in ways they cannot understand yet, a profound wake-up call to clear the space. We think they are hoarders?

Look at this. To the extent we set them aside as other and unfortunately unsuccessful next to our relative success, we miss the gift they have brought to us. I am the hoarder.

Look at the inner space.

Would the hoarder be capable of creating a powerful display and reflection of our inner disorder, all the things to which we cling, all the things that project conflict and disorder and disease out there in the world, if they were not surrounded by clogged minds?

No, it wouldn’t be possible. We are the muses. We inspire displays that can teach us.

When we learn to see each other as enactors, we will understand and appreciate the people around us who are enacting disorder. We will listen to the messages they bring, and we will respond rather than react to them.

When we are incapable of isolating them in a disorder we call particular to them, and we take the invitation they bring to us, we are in touch with how our minds are always touching each other and how we share in every moment.

When we come to understand how we’re all roommates, all the time, overcoming apparent individual disorders like hoarding won’t be a case of an individual working very hard to correct deficiencies and imbalances. It will be a very simple and quick energetic rebalancing that comes about through the constant sharing that minds do. The key to this is not seeing the other guy as other, and always finding a way to thank that one.


Photo by Karen Maes on Unsplash

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