Special functions

My understanding of the term “special function” originated with A Course in Miracles.

Each person has a special function that comes effortlessly. All special functions dovetail harmoniously with one another. When you’re with someone having a less than harmonious experience, consider the idea that what you really may want, over and above something you consider to be “your way,” is an atmosphere in which the special function in you both can be expressed.

You can look at someone in curiosity as to what their special function is. This is a new way of entering into situations where disorder is apparent in a wholly new way.

For me, this is direct help with two-year-old tantrums–rebalancing and clearing. It works for anything, though, and I sense this is my training ground.

What you want is to be able to bring your special function through the body and out here into form in a way that feels wonderful. When that is what you want for yourself and all others, you’re birthing harmony here on Earth.

You are not special. You are equally worthy in comparison with any other. You have equal access to the inspiration that would speak and act through you.

Each one, however, has a special function, a piece of the harmonious puzzle that is truly unique, a joy to enact and a joy to behold.

This means that what you want for each individual one is direct contact with their happiness. When you are enacting your special function, you are happy. You call others to their happiness.

So that sex trafficker over there? What you want for him is his happiness. When we here in the world we’re collectively projecting understand and receive the message he is very visibly enacting (along with all the victims of the actions) about our collective inner disorder, the only thing left is to purely want his happiness. When we receive his message about our collective disorder and don’t try to heap all of it on him, an individual, he is relieved of the impulse to enact it.

He is incapable of enacting harm to others when he is happy.

We’re talking in a mind-to-mind sense here. This has nothing to do with struggling to transform justice systems or with trying to please people or with trying to bring happiness to people.

It’s quite simply about getting in touch with your deep desire for happiness for all others. Once you have allowed yourself to see what you really want and what is possible for all of us–harmonious function, discovery of special functions and joy in enacting them–your mind communicates with all other minds based on this corrected vision.

Never underestimate the power of the constant and unending telepathy that is happening all the time. You’re always touching every other mind across time and space.

From the point of your corrected vision, you will experience inspiration in one direction or another. You only need to follow the inspiration. That part is easy. The most important part is inviting true vision to return to you.

Then you can be a very active participant in restoring harmonious function to yourself and others.

It’s very important to drop the notion of one person becoming enlightened and then others gathering at the feet of the fortunate one to learn. A simultaneous blossoming would be a much better image to represent what focus on harmonious function will do for you and others.


Photo by mvp on Unsplash

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