Fear is the only alien

Fear is the only thing unable to accept love. Love is everywhere. It permeates everything, no matter how it appears. If you believe you are unloved by others or yourself, you are viewing the false and separate self--the vulnerable self, the self that can be damaged in some way. Who you truly are, who everyone … Continue reading Fear is the only alien

Inviting the light out to play

Whatever you are experiencing in this moment, you chose it. That can be a tough pill to swallow. Why is that? When there is something unpleasant, it seems to feel better to move it away from you, to see it over there, in the form of a cause that you label. From here, you can … Continue reading Inviting the light out to play

Allowing the flow of harmony through you

Allow it to leave you in the night. This is what I hear when I contemplate the hamster wheel of repetitive struggles--things that just seem tough. They are all games--just playful games. But when your personality is inclined this way or that way, release is easier for you in some ways and harder in others. … Continue reading Allowing the flow of harmony through you

Remember–light is shared, always

We have a visualization that will be helpful today as you encounter bodies and minds. You know that harmony is. It is what is there underneath the surface, far vaster than the thin and malleable experience you call daily life. You are here to allow harmony up through the surface to express itself in form. … Continue reading Remember–light is shared, always

Remember your willingness

If you're new to this blog, the italicized is personal, and the regular font is more of a channeled message. I don't "go anywhere" when I receive it, but it's more like a pure listening and typing out. Most of what I write is in the form of this listening, but I have a lot … Continue reading Remember your willingness

Fear is unexpressed Love

I was reflecting on how receiving and communicating these ideas is an ecstatic experience, and I understood that this is simply what it is like when we don't refer to fear to mediate our experience. Stunning! We have been playing for a while with the very effective idea that fear is nothing. If you can, … Continue reading Fear is unexpressed Love

Thanks for intense experiences

The best thing you can do for someone in pain or experiencing great challenge is to see their empowerment. When you can see theirs, you can see and experience yours. Is there any way in which you are blocking your own empowerment? If "why is this happening" coming up, it's because you chose it. You … Continue reading Thanks for intense experiences

Dance with other minds

We often encourage you to remember that all minds across time and space are always connected, always touching each other. This means that your mind is always able to extend love in any moment, in any situation, even when you are alone in a room. Here is a wonderful example of how love can be extended from … Continue reading Dance with other minds

Releasing the constructs of calamity

...or something bad is going to happen. Listen for that during your day today. How do you know you're consulting ego rather than the benign power of the shared Self for guidance? You'll see that wheel turning. You'll hear it in your thoughts. "I've got to do this or not do that, because if I … Continue reading Releasing the constructs of calamity

Try on some new forms of experience

There are many ways of receiving information, but we favor words. Think about words for a moment. Think about all the various languages across the globe. Languages are shared agreements. They are shared agreements to hear particular sounds and to derive particular meanings. They are shared intent. There are so many possibilities open to you … Continue reading Try on some new forms of experience