Mom is not mad at you

This whole world is made and maintained by God’s frightened child as an escape hatch in order to avoid facing what God’s only and very loved child believes she did. God’s only and always-safe child believed that he successfully separated from God, so she thought and believed this world into being. This is a world in which time and physicality are used to absorb the attention to avoid the reckoning God’s child believes would occur if he faced what she believes he did.

What God’s child needs to know most is that she never, ever did anything wrong, because wrong is not possible. It is possible to make an illusion in which it appears wrong is possible, but that is all. The illusion is the outpicturing of false thoughts, and there is no punishment for making and maintaining an illusion. Punishment belongs to the illusion you made. Guilt itself is something you invented in your attempt to create an experience of separation from your creator, in your attempt to manufacture an experience of strife.

If you thought you left God, the wholeness of all, you never did. This is the crime you see reflected back at you everywhere. It’s the only reason you see a world in which guilt exists, and you keep trying to project it out on others to hide from what you think you did but you can’t face.

Realizing that you never did anything wrong results in more fluid energy flow that allows love to extend everywhere into the illusion. Taking responsibility for the making of the illusion means that you get to drop it. Dropping it means that you get to allow love to flow through your every action, your every word, your every thought.

There has never been a time when we haven’t been with you. There has never been a time when I haven’t been with you, for we are all joined in the whole, and it has never been otherwise. It never could be otherwise. The only possibility is the experience of an illusion, but you can choose to experience and share reality instead.

Whenever you feel a disturbance, it is your attachment to the illusion and your resistance to love–your very own self–that you are experiencing. It shouldn’t feel good. When you were completely entranced by the illusion you made, you reached out to what appeared to be separate components within it in order to find safety and comfort. Now you know that safety and comfort come from only one place, and it can only be the Whole. You strengthen your awareness of the Whole and your ability to share this awareness every time you pause, interrupt your attachment to components of the illusion, and bask in the energy of the Whole.

When you are caught up in time, when you are attached to physicality, when you feel any struggle at all, you are immersed in the attempt to escape from what you think you did. You believe you successfully separated from your parent and did all sorts of damage in the process, but we tell you again that what you dreamed has never been possible. You made a very clever illusion–a dream that is the outpicturing of fearful thought–but you no longer need to hide in the false safety of that dream.

We delight in your emergence as you delight in seeing the flowers in your garden bloom. Accept the forgiveness that was never necessary, and allow your petals to unfurl in the sunlight of truth.

Photo by Maria Shanina on Unsplash

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