Let Love use form to inform

Happiness cannot be imposed upon loved ones. Love cannot be imposed upon loved ones.

Love cannot even be given–not in the sense that you’re looking at it.

It is time to stop having special loved ones, regardless of your perception of relationship. It is time to set down the burden of fear attached to separate love relationships–your old ideas of responsibility and needing-to-do.

It’s time to set it down and let it go.

If you truly want to do anything good for anyone, then just be yourself. It’s the other guy, too. You are the other guy. In being yourself–becoming aware of who you truly are–you have direct and immediate access to the other guy.

You are unconcerned about the other guy in the most profound sense because you know that all the doing and saying will just come through you. There is nothing to worry about and everything to allow.

Do you want this Big Super Bonus Gift to come through to everyone with whom you have contact? Let us remind you that you have contact with all beings across time and space. Then set it down.

You know what “it” is. Any temptation to self-torture, to believe in a separate and disconnected self, to believe in a thought, to take fear seriously.

It’s time. Let’s take advantage of this perception of New Year’s Eve as some grand cusp and opportunity for transformation. You know that any moment is just that, but feel the collective energy around New Year’s Eve. Anything in form can be used by Love to inform you about who you truly are and to assist you in the effortless expression of that.

Therefore, be threatened by nothing in form. Let all in form inform you as to the truth of you and everyone else across time and space, without exception. That means that in order to see what the conduit of form will show you when you put Love in charge of it, you must release blame and judgment. You must release self-blame and self-judgment. You must release effort.

Effort seems like a tough one, since you have learned struggle so well and see it as a means of control and safety, but take heart. Everyone has experienced moments of happiness and joy. Those are effortless. Those are moments in which the temptation of applying effort doesn’t even occur to you.

Effortlessness can mean anything at all about what the body will end up doing. It may be at rest. It may be very active. Be curious about what will happen.

When you use effort to observe the effects of blame and judgment, of self-blame and self-judgment, effort dries up. What comes in its place? You know, and you don’t fully trust yet. You know it’s inspiration and peace, but you find it unbelievable that you could experience it as a constant and strong force.

You fear the force. You fear love. In seeing that you fear love, Love itself is bringing you Home. Trust. Learn. Leap.

Photo by Andy Hall on Unsplash


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