Resting in peace

While the tendency to check in with the personal sense of judgment (i.e., insecurity) is receding, what is rushing in to take its place?

Flow, clarity, knowing, responsiveness (as opposed to reactiveness), effortlessly harmonious interaction, compassion, receptivity, effortless generosity. Everyone alive has experienced all of these already, in moments of love expressed and received. You can see examples of it everywhere you look.

The difference here is that you are allowing the expression of love to become your all-the-time reality. It won’t be the exception to the rule of fear anymore.

As you are allowing the personal sense of self to recede, the springboard from which egoic action comes also recedes. You catch yourself referring back to a thought-based sense of self for something to push off of, and find nothing there. You know that to engage in such thought-building only brings pain.

Laugh. Relax. See what comes next.

You might catch yourself stringing together a first and then a second negative thought, and then wake up and realize–oh, that’s old. I’m not interested in making that experience anymore. You come to know yourself as a creator–not in a hopeful or fearful way, but in a very plain and simple way.

When negative thoughts occur, you recognize them as remnants of the delusion.

The old system of thought convinced you that you were helpless and always under threat of victimization. You feared lack of success and believed that it required your effort and force of will to keep you from being absorbed by that which you feared.

Look at that. You feared being absorbed by something. Any idea what that was? Yes, it wasn’t actually physical death or becoming sick or feeling stuck in an unworthy state that you feared. That was just the ego’s trick–making you believe that your fear came from a very real threat.

Because you were identified with ego–fear–you feared being taken over by love. You don’t actually get taken over. You’ve been nothing but love the whole time. You’ve just been caught up in the delusion of fear, having a bad dream. It feels like something wants to take you over because you believe in yourself, only that’s not your self–not your true self of harmony. What you regarded as yourself was actually a tissue of lies meant to keep you loyal to the idea of separation.

When all that is absent–well, the room is very open and quiet now. It’s a nice space from which to create in harmony and union with All That Is. It won’t be possible, is not possible, for you to create out of harmony with us because it hurts when you do. Leaving us (which is not actually possible–only in the delusion of separate identity) hurts, so you stay where you’re happy.

It becomes a good dream. Because it’s a good dream, you’re able to help your brothers and sisters having a bad dream. You stop looking in the dream world to find out how things are going because you know that what is projected out into the dream comes from within. You don’t have to impose stability and order on the dream world. You yourself are the stability from which the dream is projected.

You rest in peace. You die before you die, allowing your sense of separate self to wither before the body dies, but you still express yourself through a body. You are Life expressed lovingly in the world. Live in freedom!

Photo by Julian Paul on Unsplash


If you have been reading the Love’s Beginning book, thank you for walking Home with me! I appreciate your presence, and I look forward to making more book-length post collections available. 💚

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