Take two steps forward to align with Divine Will

Good morning. Here is your toolbox.

Imagine this happens at the start of every day. You are handed that which will provide you with what you need for that day, and it’s never possible for anything to be missing. All the strength and flexibility and abundance you need is always with you, and it always has been. The only thing that can keep you from the awareness of that is the decision to experience something else because you’re so convinced that the something else–the illusion–is so real that you’re locked into it.

Shifting over from solitary making–from recycling all of the same locked-door and limitation scenarios within the illusion–to creating with your nonphysical brothers and sisters means that you stay primarily attuned to what you are versus what you think you’re experiencing. In other words, wherever you go, whatever you are doing, you take the awareness of Home with you, and you share it with others.

Creating together is all about allowing your perception to be corrected. Perception correction is available and necessary any time you feel contraction or confusion arising. As you refuse to blame the world for your feelings, you reach back toward Home and bring the awareness of Home into the illusion where it can be shared with others.

You always have the opportunity to allow every decision, every minute of every day, to be directed by who you are instead of who you aren’t. Baby steps are fine with us. If you currently believe this is not possible, but you are willing to allow incremental change, we can work with you. In truth, anything at all is possible, and as you allow that incremental change in your perception of who you are and how things work, you will come to see that very clearly. This is the basis of all healing.

As you heal, you allow the perception of who you aren’t to fall away.  It can only ever be a perception, never the truth. There is not a truth–one of many–but only one truth. The Truth. There’s only one, expressed in myriad forms, and it is the very simple fact that Love Is. If you want to say it another way, Love transforms. Love transfigures.

Listen and feel for what seems right, what feels right. Don’t worry about attempting to satisfy perceptions, trying to get in alignment with this or that definition in order to feel worthy of happiness. Just focus on how everything feels. Allow inspiration to flow to you. Enjoy carrying it out. Know that there is more where that came from, and that’s why effortful future planning is not necessary. We say effortful because sometimes a plan does arise, but it feels effortless. It feels good. It feels natural. It never feels like strain or struggle or grasping. What feels whole? What feels trustworthy? Follow that. When you follow that, you begin to realize that you are both the leader and the follower.

The relationship between you and your Source–with nothing in between–uplifts and supports you. Nothing particular or separate in your world can do that, but you can allow all of the particular and separate to unite in speaking to you of the Whole, the Truth. You are never outside of that truth. You are always one with it. Denying that connection is the source of all pain.

Let us spend the whole day together in appreciation of how the whole world conspires (breathes together) to serve you when you decide to turn it over in the service of healing. You no longer grasp onto it in the attempt to make something of yourself. Rather, your grip on the world relaxes as you realize the beauty of who you are right now, without any acrobatics to establish worthiness. Let us look upon your physical brothers and sisters today with that same awareness of the beauty of who they are.

Photo by ning li on Unsplash


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